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A Roach Ag contact is a phone call away. Consistently get relevant marketing information delivered right to your inbox. We provide coverage for three major livestock markets. We work hard on your cattle and hog marketing so you don’t have to!


John Roach


“I’ve been a licensed commodity broker since 1973 and have worked with some of the best farming operations in the world.

We have developed an easy to follow, logical marketing system that producers utilize.

At Roach Ag. Marketing, we understand your marketing issues on the farm and will help you get better prices selling to the people you already know.”

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Sign up for a free trial. Let the advisors at Roach Ag Livestock equip your business with the proven Buy & Sell Signal alert system. We gather the information needed to sell your livestock for what its worth!

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Anybody can provide you livestock market commentary. We’re different. We have data-driven indicators that tell you when it’s time to Buy and Sell. We advise you of our insights on what we think the market will do. Roach Ag Livestock advisors collect data and combine it with our effective Buy & Sell Signal system. Raising livestock is a full-time job; simplify the most crucial part, marketing. Follow our Buy & Sell Signals!

Improve Your Livestock Marketing with Roach Ag Livestock Buy and Sell Signals!

These signals are geared toward helping you make better marketing decisions. Find out how they work below.

The Roach Ag Livestock 3 Points was created by the head of our Livestock Division, Domenic Varricchio. With over 10 years of experience in livestock markets, Domenic tries to refine all the information about livestock markets down to just the relevant information that helps you make better marketing decisions.

The Livestock 3 Points newsletter is available each and every day the market is open. Your number one source for livestock information is delivered directly to your email inbox. Buy and Sell Signals for cattle, feeder cattle and hogs are included.

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Premium Services


Roach Ag offers hedging services under Roach Ag Marketing Ltd, Inc. (roachag.com) which is cleared through StoneX Financial Inc. Use the form below to learn more about our hedging services.

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