Cattle & Hog Marketing System

Add Accuracy to your Livestock Marketing

  • Receive Buy & Sell Signal emails and texts.
  • Consulting focuses on cash livestock sales and managing basis.
  • Hedging focuses on managing your operation’s price risk.
  • Combine the services for a complete livestock marketing program.

Cattle & Hog Marketing Options

Select the appropriate livestock. Submit an Inquiry. Get Connected to a Roach Ag Livestock Advisor.


The Roach Ag Livestock 3 Points is written by the head of our Livestock Division. With over 10 years of experience in livestock futures markets, Domenic tries to refine all the information about livestock markets down to just the relevant information that helps you make better marketing decisions.

The Livestock 3 Points newsletter is available each and every day the market is open. Your number one source for livestock information is delivered directly to your email inbox. Buy and Sell Signals for cattle, feeder cattle and hogs are included in this newsletter.

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Turning Farmers into Marketers

Roach Ag Marketing offers different levels of service to assist farmers. Our Daily Grain Plan & 3 Points Livestock e-newsletter introduces farmers and ranchers to our Selling System. Equipped with Sell Signal alerts by calling or texting you, letting you know when it is time to sell. If you are looking for more of a one-on-one approach, our Consulting services will pair you up with an experienced broker to work with you throughout the marketing year. Our Hedging service is suited for farmers who are also experienced investors and comfortable with more risk. Whatever you need, Roach Ag Marketing can be a trusted partner your grain and livestock marketing.


Roach Ag Hedging services are how we implement our Buy and Sell Signal Strategy. Our hedging services are a one-on-one service. With this service you have a knowledgeable livestock market advisor on call. You gain access to our Livestock 3 Points newsletter. You gain the ability to take action on Livestock Buy and Sell Signals by opening a hedging account.

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